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Application of thin-walled structures for energy-savings in steel structure construction








The paper discusses the use of lightweight thin-walled structures, which allows saving resources in steel structure construction. The major problems in this field are considered and the need to take into account the initial geometric imperfections and the uneven allocation of the steel mechanical properties over the profile cross-section is substantiated. Analytical calculation of a thin-walled profile operating under axial compression, axial compression with bending, taking into account the initial geometric imperfections, is presented. Analysis of changes in the effective characteristics and stresses in the cross section has shown a significant influence of the initial geometric imperfections of the profiles as a whole and the location of the additional eccentricity from the initial bending of the element. The necessity of taking into account the uneven distribution of mechanical properties of steel over the profile cross-section is substantiated.


Korsun N. D. Industrial University of Tyumen

Prostakishina D. A. Industrial University of Tyumen

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