Review article

Architectural and design features of historical residential development stages in St. Petersburg in the XVIII - early XX centuries








The most important stages of historical residential development of St. Petersburg are specified, volumetric and design features of each stage are revealed. The process of forming a super-dense firewall perimeter type urban development, which is a distinctive feature of the city, is considered. The organization of possessory land plots is described, functional and spatial characteristics and design solutions of residential buildings are submitted. The typology of previously used planning systems of residential development is detailed. Some types of design solutions and methods of application of building materials in the conditions of complex geology of the area and specific microclimate are given. All the characteristics are considered in the general system and can serve as a basis for development of recommendations on complex renovation of historical buildings of St. Petersburg. It is established that the main feature of the process of formation of historical residential buildings of St. Petersburg is a combination of a stable construction system for the building bearing frame with the rapid construction development and using new materials to create elements of the facades.


Golovina S. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering