Review article

Assessment of transport demandfor sub-urbanized territories








The article discusses the problems of the functioning of suburbanized territories. The factors influencing the development of suburbanized territories and the main transport issues regarding the city-suburb system are considered. The agglomeration links of Irkutsk with the adjacent territories on the basis of transport accessibility by public and individual transport are determined. The authors present the study results concerning housing settlements located within the limits of individual transport accessibility of the Irkutsk region. These results are submitted in the form of quantitative characteristics of functioning, such as transport demand, daily maximum coefficients, the number of trips made by individual vehicles and the average occupancy of private vehicles. There has been carried out a regression-correlation analysis aimed at identifying transport demand arising in suburbanized territories in the area of transport accessibility by individual transport, as a result of which an empirical expression is proposed, the main factor of which is the area of the suburbanized territory. Recommendations are offered concerning the practical application of empirical expression in forecasting the intensity of traffic flows in sections of the road-transport network, providing a link between suburban areas and the city.


Zedgenizov A. V. Irkutsk National Research Technical University Irkutsk, Russia

Efremenko I. A. Irkutsk National Research Technical University Irkutsk, Russia

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