Review article

Calculation of prestressed structure strengthon the basis of nonlinear deformation model (on the example of multi-hollow core slab without using formwork technology)








The article presents practical methods proposed for calculating of prestressed structures and based on the use of experimental diagrams of material deformation. Depending on the value of the deformations calculated using iterative procedures on the deformation diagram, the corresponding state of the material - elastic or plastic - is defined. Nonlinear iterative calculations made in accordance with the first method are aimed at finding a new position of the neutral line depending on the modulus of materials as the member is deformed, and in the second method they are aimed at determining the stiffness characteristics of materials in the matrix form of calculations. The ultimate goal of iterative procedures is determining of the maximum curvature of the member, with the subsequent calculation of the relative deformations corresponding to this curvature in the structure materials. The algorithm of calculation of both methods is presented in the form of block diagrams, examples of calculations are given. Comparison of numerical values of the results of calculations shows the adequacy of the proposed methods, which is confirmed with the closely adjacent values of the calculated deformations (stresses) of materials.


Opbul E. K. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Dmitriev D. A. OOO “TEKTON-SPB”