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Change in the properties of cement stone at early loading (Part 1)








The article presents the results of evaluating the strength at loading of Portland cement stone from an early age (from the first day of hardening), including the late age (28 days). The growth of bending strength is noted. The structure is researched by the methods of differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) and infrared spectroscopy (IR). X-ray phase analysis showed a change in the characteristic peaks of Portlandite and an increase in the intensity of ettringite. Early compression contributed to an increase of the amorphous state of the structure. The results of DTA generally correlated well with XRF in the variation of Ca(OH)2, as well as ettringite. Comparison of the IR spectra of samples with and without load indicates a lower resolution of the Portlandite line, as well as a better crystallization of ettringite and tobermorite. A conclusion is made about the anisotropy of the properties acquired by the material depending on the direction of the applied force.


Galkin Yu. Yu. Kuban State Technological University

Udodov S. A. Kuban State Technological University

Vasil'eva L. V. Kuban State University

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