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Comparative analysis of convergence of 3D FEM models for the problem of bending a thick isotropic plate with clamped edges






The paper presents the results of the analysis of bending of a thick isotropic plate clamped on its four side faces under a uniformly distributed load on the upper horizontal face by various types of 3D FEM-models using differ mesh. The comparison of the results of 3D-FEM modeling for various mesh types is carried out using SCAD, ANSYS, Ing+, Midas programs with the numerical-analytical solution using different types of finite elements. Convergence of the results obtained for the different components of the stress-strain state in the middle of a plate, in the middle of the clamped edge and in the corner of the plate is discussed. The results obtained are compared with the solution made by the analytic method of superposition. The dimensions of the areas where the obtained results do not satisfy the given boundary conditions and diverge from the FEM solutions are determined. Comparative data are presented by graphics.


Shirunov G. N. Saint-Petersburg State University

Tugutov Sh. S. OOO “TEKTON”

Nidzhad A. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Sarvilin D. A. OOO “TEKTON”

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