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Design and operability features of the quantumengine automobile


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Achievements of physics at present forecast a new technological paradigm, the primary base of which is going to be the use of anti-gravitational principles of objects’ transfer, levitation and a propulsive drive gear. At conceptual level, the article presents the prospects of using the quantum engine (QuEn) on motor transport. QuEn does not require any external energy carrier on the basic operating modes of the vehicle. Creating the impulse of the traction force transferred directly onto the vehicle body, QuEn makes a power drive of the wheels unnecessary, as all the wheels work in the idle wheel mode. Formation of the vertical ingredient of the traction force can provide a partial suspension or pressing down of the vehicle, which is important for the passing ability. A number of other properties are also considered. An attempt of forecasting the QuEn vehicle configuration is carried out.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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