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Elastic deflections of road pavement with thermal insulation from expanded polystyrene in the conditions of St. Petersburg








The article covers the problem of the selecting road structures with the use of effective thermal insulation for replacing traditional road pavement on heave-hazardous soils in the conditions of St. Petersburg. PENOPLEX expanded polystyrene plates are considered as effective thermal insulation. The equivalence parameter of pavements with thermal insulation and the traditional one is established. The results of calculations for the strength of the elastic deflection of structures with effective thermal insulation and the traditional ones are given. The effect of various soils on the thickness of the protective sand layer above the thermal insulation was investigated. Parameters of pavement with thermal insulation for various categories of urban roads for various soils were determined. The thickness of the protective layers above thermal insulation was determined, that results in satisfying the strength criterion for elastic deflection.


Simanovskiy A. M. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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