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Factors hindering efficiently operating construction companies to invest in innovations








Analysis of the tools used in organizations for achieving efficient economic activity shows that they present some problems when trying to integrate innovation. Innovation metrics are not widespread, and the CEOs mostly do not believe that strategically investing in innovation can be recouped. The solution not in favor of innovation is caused by the cost of innovation introduction, and it does not matter, if innovation measures are developed within the company or taken from somewhere else. Recently, the companies actively practice the policy of maximum reduction of the cost of the construction project, which also involves considerable cutting of the transaction costs in the investment and construction cycle. This approach does not imply introducing innovations. The main factors hindering effective construction organizations from investing in innovation are indicated. Special attention is paid to individual resistance to innovation in companies. As a conclusion, the authors argue that the factors considered in the paper indicate that the lack of demand for innovation can be regarded a kind of response to the lack of forced need for innovation on the part of the state.


Asaul A. N. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Asaul M. A. Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University

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