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Features of the chemical composition of barium hydrosilicates synthesized by different technologies


691: 666.961






The article considers the procedural factor effect on the chemical composition of barium hydrosilicates used to control the structure formation of cement stone. It is established that the initial characteristics of sodium hydrosilicate solutions (liquid glass) can influence the carbonation of the deposition product. It has been revealed that during prolonged washing of the deposition products of liquid glasses (barium hydrosilicates), their chemical composition does not change. Concentrations of solutions for synthesis also have an effect on carbonation - so, the use of low-concentration salt solutions increases the content of barium carbonate in the product. It is proposed to study the chemical composition by FTIR spectroscopy method only for powders of deposition products subjected to temperature treatment at a temperature of 800 °C for 60 minutes.The results of the study can be used to control the quality of hydrosilicate additives used at producing composite mineral binders.


Grishina A. N. Moscow State University of Civil Engineering Moscow, Russia

Korolev E. V. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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