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Improving methods of analysis, assessment and planning risks in construction projects








The article presents a substantiation of the method designed to analyze the relationship between risks and failure to keep deadlines in construction project installation work and assess its impact on the duration of a construction project. Delays and risks leading to the untimely project completion are one of the most frequent and major problems in construction projects. Available research works on qualitative and quantitative risk assessment do not take into account the fact that the value of the risk criteria depends on many factors, for example, the temporal and spatial location of the task to which the risk is assigned. Neither do they take into account the dependence and interaction between risks. Our study additionally proposes to break down the project schedule into weekly checkpoints, where we apply the weekly work progress index, the average weighted index of each risk for critical and non-critical work, to determine the proportion of each risk in order to provide the necessary information to decision makers to develop appropriate response measures. Based on the example calculation we give in the article, it has been determined what risks have the greatest impact on compliance with project work deadlines.


Huraini Nadim Q. R. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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