Review article

Methodological approaches to the essence of the economic security of a megalopolis








The subject of the study is the economic security of the metropolis. The goal is to study theoretical approaches to the essence of the “economic security” concept at the megalopolis level in order to develop a unified approach that will allow eliminating conflicting views concerning the subject of research. The investigated approaches to the essence of economic security and the features of its maintenance at the megalopolis level made it possible to substantiate the feasibility of choosing a transdisciplinary-systematic approach in the study of the megalopolis economic security. The results of the study obtained using the methods of system-oriented analysis, generalization, logic, develop the provisions of the theory of economic security in terms of substantiating approaches to the essence of economic security of megalopolises and their connection with modern globalization processes.


Orlovskaya T. N. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering