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Modern technological solutions at reconstruction of treatment plants of food production








The paper submits recommendations concerning technological solutions for modernization of the pressure-reagent flotation unit. Issues concerning the development, design and arrangement of a complex flotation installation are considered. The authors propose using various ways of the water-air mixture supply in order to identify the best efficiency of wastewater treatment. During six months, studies were carried out in regard of the waste water produced in the production, there were made measurements and sanitary and chemical analyses of wastewater generated in the production, and a comparison with the threshold level values was made. This comparison analysis will make it possible using the pressure-reagent flotation installation in various technological schemes, which will allow purifying waste water from food production to the criteria of discharge both into the municipal sewerage and into the fishery use water bodies. The results of the filtration unit operation in different modes are shown. Solutions for the reconstruction of waste water treatment plants using this flotation installation are proposed.


Yantsen O. V. Moscow National Research State University of Civil Engineering

Gerasimov V. A. Moscow National Research State University of Civil Engineering

Storozhev A. P. Moscow National Research State University of Civil Engineering

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