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Organizational and process design solutions for erecting sports facilities








Currently, special attention is given to the construction of sports facilities. In the context of the trend of development of high-performance sports and increasing the availability of mass amateur sports, a significant number of objects of appropriate functional purpose have been built recently: ski trails, stadiums, bicycle paths, reservoirs. A special place in this nomenclature is occupied by large-span stadiums with their complex and architecturally expressive forms. Modern sports facilities are built according to complex projects; engineers do their best to design the most convenient conditions for sports activities striving to make each facility meet its operational purpose, while being architecturally beautiful and unique. Sometimes, organizational and process design solutions are developed individually, because technical standard framework does not provide necessary data, in particular, the standard time duration of roofing process, which requires expert-based set of norms. The paper analyzes the experience of Russia and several foreign countries on trial organizational and process design of roofing process at sports facilities. As a result of the research, a flow chart has been drawn up for making a plan of the construction of a sports facility, taking into account the decomposition of works according to the degree of their typing in terms of standards of technical rate setting. These developments allow improving the methods of organizational and technological design, taking into account the introduction of algorithmic presentation schemes for the design process of organizational and technological solutions to optimize the development of options for the construction of large-span objects, including on the basis of experimental data and statistics on the construction of similar structural elements.


Yurgaytis A. Yu. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering Moscow, Russia

Zheltaya A. O. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering Moscow, Russia

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