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Research of causes of the pressure mode violation in gas distribution networks








The paper presents the results of analysis of the causes and consequences of non-compliance of the pressure mode in low pressure gas distribution systems. The authors consider the accident of the district network, which took place November 30, 2010 in the Polish city of Zielona Góra (Zielona Góra) and caused depressurization of internal systems in connected objects. The data of the prosecutor’s investigation, materials of publications and information from employees of the gas supply company are analyzed. It is shown, how unacceptable change in the gas distribution plant equipment and violation of the operating rules has resulted in an unauthorized pressure increase in the district network and internal systems designed for low pressure. The analysis of technical and organizational measures to prevent such accidents has been performed.


Shkarovskiy A. L. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Kotuła M. Koszalin University of Technology, Poland

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