Review article

Research of the concrete beam by the finite element method






The simulation of cracking in the reinforced concrete beam was carried out by using the finite element method in the SCAD program complex. There was researched the beam`s stress-strain state (SSS) under uniformly distributed load, which was increased until the destruction of the beam. It is revealed that the cracks were formed spasmodically, being symmetric in pairs in regard to the central section. Micro-cracking was taken into account in concrete in the zone of coupling with the reinforcement. The flexural rigidity of the beam was determined through the deflection of its axis, calculated during the process. It was found out that after cracking formation, the integrated flexural rigidity of the beam decreases approximately threefold. Accounting for this effect is very important at making complex calculation schemes of constructions with reinforced concrete frame.


Kotov A. A. Murmansk State Technical University

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