Review article

Research of the construction volume of housing and socially significant objects as a basis for creating a comfortable urban environment in the subjects of the Russian Federation








The article presents the results of a study of the volume of housing construction and social infrastructure facilities construction for solving the urgent problem of creating an integrated residential development in Russian regions. A hypothesis has been put forward and substantiated regarding the advisability of revising priorities in the formation of investment plans in the construction of housing and socially significant objects. Using the methods of regression analysis, there has been revealed the dependence of the volume of construction of socially significant objects and construction of housing in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. There has been proved the absence of heteroscedasticity in the obtained regression equation, and the possibility of its application for constructing predictive trends has been shown. A comparison has been made between the volumes of the normative need for the construction of educational facilities in St. Petersburg and the value of the volume of construction of similar facilities calculated on the basis of the obtained regression equation.


Ershova S. A. State Research and Design Center of Saint Petersburg Master Plan St. Petersburg, Russia

Orlovskaya T. N. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia