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Research of the differentiation phenomenon of complex development in megalopolis: housing construction and provision rate of educational facilities








The article presents the results of research on the complexity of development of St. Petersburg districts. Differentiation analysis was carried out according to the indicators of housing commissioning, commissioning of educational facilities, and the ratio of housing commissioning and commissioning of educational facilities per 1000 square meters of housing. Based on the ranking results, there were identified three groups of districts: those with balanced commissioning of housing and educational facilities, those with an excess of commissioning of housing over commissioning of educational facilities, and those with an excess of commissioning of educational facilities over housing commissioning. The study based on the proposed methodology makes it possible to take into account the heterogeneity of the integrated development of the city territory for various factors. Testing the methodology by the example of matching the speed of housing construction and the creation of the most important social infrastructure facilities in the context of the administrative districts of St. Petersburg in the period of 2011-2018 allowed assessing the heterogeneity of the complex development of the city territories in terms of provision of the population with educational facilities. The results obtained can be used as analytical material for adjusting priorities of investment in housing and civil construction and forming programs for the integrated development of the city districts.


Ershova S. A. State Research and Design Center of Saint Petersburg Master Plan St. Petersburg, Russia

Orlovskaya T. N. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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