Review article

Research of quantomobile acceleration dynamics by means of Matlab-Simulink programming environment


620.9(075.8): 656.13.07






The concept of a promising class of vehicles developed by the author, namely, quantomobiles, realizing the thrust (traction) of a quantum engine (QuEn), requires consideration of the dynamics of the vehicle's motion. For block-oriented modeling, there was used the Matlab-Simulink programming environment. There has been developed a quantomobile surface acceleration model (QSAM). The model implements a two-parameter thrust force control scheme taking into account the value of the thrust and the angle of the thrust vector relative to the horizon. Numerical examples are provided on the base of a hypothetical quantomobile that is a geometric and weight class analogue of the KAMAZ-4326 truck. The QSAM is considered as a basis for the development of quantomobile motion modeling in the direction of increasing the freedom degrees of the dynamic model and constructive concept detailing.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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