Review article

Resource-saving and environmental activities of the heat power enterprise








The article highlights the environmental aspects of the activities of the HEP-6 of PJS «Irkutskenergo» (in Bratsk) aimed at reducing atmospheric air pollution. Purification of flue gases from solid particles is carried out in electrostatic precipitators and battery cyclones with an efficiency of 99 and 86%, respectively. It has been established that the company has carried out some environmental protection measures aimed at reducing atmospheric air pollution. To reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, the supply of dust to the combustion chamber under pressure has been replaced by the supply of dust of high concentration under vacuum. Flue gas recirculation of the exhaust drying agent of dust preparation systems has been introduced, as well as stepwise combustion of fuel. In the gas path of the boiler, the sorption properties of the ash are used to bind SO2 to sulfates and sulfites to reduce sulfur oxide emissions. The company has introduced the technology of burning environmentally friendly fuel by replacing part of the traditional fuel-coal with wood waste, which allowed to reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide in 2,0-2,5 times, nitrogen oxides - 1.5 and sulfur dioxide - 2,1-2,3 times.


Vardanyan M. A. Bratsk State University