Review article

Statistical analysis of real estate value changes in the area of commissioned toll road








This article examines the influence of the Western high-speed diameter (WHSD) on the market value of residential real estate in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. The data of cadastral valuation of residential real estate of St. Petersburg before and after the commissioning of WHSD were used for the study. The main research method is the study of two-dimensional and conditional distributions of cadastral values, which allows assessing the growth rate in various clusters of real estate. The obtained numerical results showed a moderate rise in the price of the mass market outpacing the growth rate of the city as a whole. There have been significant changes in the premium segment, with growth rates reaching 89.5 % for the three year period. As it has been found out, on land plots, transport accessibility of which is significantly improved with the introduction of toll roads, the construction of houses of the premium segment is more preferable from an investment point of view. Transport accessibility and availability of built-in Parking become crucial. The growth of market value for mass-market objects in the area of transport interchanges of modern infrastructure projects could be higher, but the effective demand of the population in this sector, apparently, is not sufficient for dynamic market changes.


Laskin M. B. St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Talavirya A. Yu. Higher School of Economics National Research University

Cherkesova P. A. Saint Petersburg State University

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