Review article

Study of the stress state of brick walls strengthened with double-sided concrete heightening under local compression








At reconstruction of buildings and structures located in old urban development areas, brick bearing walls fractured during long-term operation, when subjected to a concentrated local loading, lack sufficient loading-carrying ability. When the brick walls are reinforced with ferro-concrete, the method of calculating the reinforced brick-concrete structure to the impact of local loads is not considered. Currently valid techniques make it possible to calculate on the local compression of only brick or of only reinforced concrete structures. The paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the features of the stress-deformed state of the old masonry`s structural design reinforced with double-sided concrete heightening. The analysis results allow evaluating the proposed method of calculating the carrying capacity under local compression for the local load option regarding the entire width of the wall.


Novozhilova N. S. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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