Review article

Sustainable architecture" as a professional term in architectural activities






The article provides an analysis of various English-Russian translations and usage of the term "sustainable buildings". There is revealed as a result a term which is the closest in meaning, the most credible and widely used. In the first part of this article the author provides a brief historical background of the notion "sustainable development" and defines its meaning. Further, the main terms that are currently in use and are associated with the definition of "sustainable development" in the architectural activity are enumerated. It is proved that the most compelling option of translating the term "sustainable buildings" ("sustainable architecture") in the scientific and professional vocabulary are the Russian collocations «экоустойчивые здания» («экоустойчивая архитектура») as the closest in meaning, versatile and easy to use.


Fedorov O. P. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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