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Technical and economic analysis of the efficiency of using machines for distribution of anti-icing reagents of domestic and foreign production








The purpose of the article is to carry out a comparative assessment of the efficiency of using Russian airfield equipment and the ways of improving it are considered. A comparative analysis of the technical and economic performance of models, that are similar in the technical characteristics to a number of Russian and foreign machines for the distribution of liquid anti-icing agents, has been carried out. The main competitive advantages of domestic technology are identified, namely, the minimum cost of works on the anti-ice treatment of airfield pavements and the minimum cost of machine-shifts. Ways of increasing the competitive advantages of domestic-made machines are proposed. The results and conclusions are recommended for using by organizations and enterprises engaged in production and assembly of specialized equipment to establish the process of manufacturing of domestic machines and gaining the access to the world market.


Mandrovskiy K. P. Moscow Automobile and Road Сonstruction State Technical University (MADI)

Sadovnikova Ya. S. Moscow Automobile and Road Сonstruction State Technical University (MADI)

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