Review article

Technique of transport energy efficiency assessment involving the entity of Bartini Transfer


620.9(075.8) : 656.13.07






The technique of estimation of transport energy efficiency involving the entity of the Bartini Transfer is constructed. The technique elements include the following: substantiation of necessity of energy amount correlation on the absolutized transfer of transportation object with the specific power inputs which have been saved up in the transport infrastructure during the transportation object life cycle; reduction of this ratio to the Tran dimension of entity of Transfer of the Bartini Table; calculation of movement energy of the absolutized object of transportation in the gravitational field by S. G. Tiguntsev's method; construction of the diagram with axes Speed V-specific power inputs; and, finally, carrying out of the analysis in the field of the Diagram V-specific power inputs in comparison of energy on carrying over the object of transportations with the saved up power inputs saved up of the transport complex. Examples of calculations for several types of transport are resulted.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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