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Use of renewable energy sources and natural gas liquefaction plants at gas distribution stations








In the operation of automated gas distribution stations, for receiving the required gas heating and meeting the own needs, it is not enough to have energy produced by the turbine expander. The article presents the results of analysis of studies of efficient systems for the accumulation of electrical and thermal energy on the basis of lithium-ion batteries and solar energy systems. Such batteries ensure the alignment of the object's energy consumption graph, with the subsequent use of various alternative energy sources, namely, turbo-expanders, diesel generator sets, etc. The prospects for realizing the reduced gas potential in the direction of obtaining liquefied natural gas to generate the necessary amount of reserve fuel are substantiated. The economic indicators of the use of liquefied natural gas as backup fuel for a thermal power plant are determined.


Averyanov V. K. JSC “Gazprom Promgaz”

Davydov O. A. LLC“Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”

Tolmachev V. N. JSC “Gazprom Promgaz”

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