Slavina T. A.

Architecture as a profession inherently implies the highest degree of social responsibility, for not only the material component of human life is dependent on the architect`s work, but also, in no les
UDC: 72.01
DOI: 10.23968/1999-5571-2021-18-2-10-25
The article is devoted to the study of some unknown aspects and facts of the creative biographies of the outstanding architects - urban planners of Leningrad - V. A. Vitman, L. M. Tverskoy and G. A.
UDC: 72.07:(711.1+721.011)
The origin of the term "Liberty" is considered. The destiny of the Art Nouveau style which emerged in the Italian architecture at the end of XIX - beginning of the XX century is discussed.
UDC: 72.01
The article is devoted to the formulation of the initial provisions and basic concepts of the architectural and urban transformation theory.
UDC: 72.03˝722˝
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