Goals and objectives

Attracting the attention of the scientific community to the most relevant, promising and interesting areas of construction science and practice.

Ensuring the exchange of views between researchers from different regions of the country.

Providing Russian and foreign scientists with the opportunity to publish the results of their research.


The Editorial Board of the Journal is constantly working on attracting scientists from scientific organizations of the CIS and other foreign countries, leading scientists of industry research institutes, specialists from construction companies, and design organizations.


Scientific articles, analytical materials, overviews, reviews and responses to scientific publications on fundamental and applied topics in the field of architecture, civil engineering, road transport, environment and environmental protection, economics and management at the enterprises of the industry are accepted for consideration and publication in the main thematic sections of the Journal.

Topical sections

Civil Engineering AND ARCHITECTURE

- Architecture, urban planning, design

- Building constructions

- Structural mechanics and calculation of structures

- Geotechnics

- Technology and organization of construction

- Building materials and products

- Sanitary engineering and environmental science

- Energy saving and energy efficiency

- Design and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and tunnels






  • Brief messages.
  • Discussions and reviews.
  • Personalities.