Review article

Analysis of various failure models of steel-wood connections with self-drilling dowels








The load-bearing capacity of the dowel connections of wooden structures is determined by two limiting states, namely, by the failure of wood (crumpling) or deformation of steel dowel (bending). Both failure models are plastic. In some cases, brittle failure is possible, which will determine the load-bearing capacity of the connection. However, the regulations in the Russian Federation do not consider the brittle failure of dowel connections because this type of failure is excluded by the rules for placing dowels. Appendix A of Eurocode 5 includes types of brittle failure caused by chipping of a block or slipping of wood in connection. In [10, 11], the authors consider various fracture models for connections with large-diameter dowels (over 12 mm). In the present study, the author evaluates and classifies calculation models for brittle failure in connections of wooden structures using self-drilling dowels of small diameter (less than 12 mm), which are not presented in the Eurocode 5 and SP 64.13330.2017 standards. Solutions are proposed for reducing the probability of brittle failure propagation in such connections.


Tran Quoc Phong Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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