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Assessment of the urban environment quality on the example of Orenburg








The article presents the system of assessment criteria worked out by the authors which allows determining the level of the urban territory development of Orenburg. All the criteria are presented in five categories, each of them containing the relevant indicators: transport accessibility, cultural and social services, demand for housing, development potential, landscape and environmental characteristics of the environment. The assessment is aimed at determining the quality of environmental characteristics of each city district for subsequent identification of the possible level of depressiveness. The authors propose some strategies for rehabilitation, such as transport infrastructure development; improvement of the district environmental; economic growth and reviving investment attractiveness of the district and the city of Orenburg; improvement of the comfort of living for citizens and socio-cultural qualities of the city environment.


Mubarakshina M. M. Orenburg State University Orenburg, Russia

Vorontsova O. N. Orenburg State University Orenburg, Russia

Lekareva N. A. Samara State Technical University Samara, Russia

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