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Development of complex engineering in construction on the technology platform of information modeling


338.45; 004.01






The article identifies the trends and problems in the development of complex information modeling in construction industry. The role of the information modeling technology platform is shown. The author makes a conclusion that information modeling should be developed in the direction of joint use of BIM and GIS technologies. There is offered a definition of a complex information model (CIM) of an object, its composition is determined, as well as the procedure for forming and subsequent integrating into information and analytical systems (IAS) of higher levels, namely, IAS of construction management and IAS of real estate management. The author considers distribution and consolidation of rights of ownership and use of complex information models of objects, which are determined by the selected schemes of implementation of the investment and construction process. Examples of implementing the presented author's developments are given.


Kuznetsov B. O. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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