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Estimation of the residual resource of wooden structures by the changes of the cross section geometric parameters








In this article, the author proposes a method for assessing the residual resource of wooden structures by changes taking place in their geometric parameters. A general formula for estimating the service limit of the wooden structures is presented. Then, a number of special cases are considered when calculating the service limit for the first group of limiting states. As a result, formulas have been derived for calculating the service limit for various design cases, namely, centrally tensioned, centrally compressed members, members under bending, members subjected to the axial force with bending. The author considers the determination of the rate of geometric parameters change at the macro-level (visually observed changes) and micro-level (micro-cracks, breaks of bonds between atoms). Formulas for determining the rate of change of geometric parameters at the macro and micro levels are proposed. The advantages and disadvantages of this method are highlighted, and the scope of its application is indicated.


Korolkov D. I. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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