Review article

Evolution of using the wind power plant (WPP) as an element of composition in architecture and urban planning






The paper proposes a systematization of approaches to the design of wind turbines applied during the XX century and up to the present time. Theoretical prerequisites of morphogenesis and sequence of various conceptual approaches specific to the architectural profession are regarded as the base for determining the development stages of using the WPP in urban planning and architecture. The system of stages is classified according to the changes occurring in art and composition approaches and identification of general characteristics of objects typical for each of stages. Completeness of the proposed classification is characterized with the full analysis of the historical periods of wind power development, which has led to its integration with architectural objects at the present time. The author's classification is based on the review of the stages of historical periods of the industry development. This classification also takes into consideration engineering and architecture examples (projects and buildings) related to the topic. It reveals the “anchor pieces” in the evolution of wind energy.


Fedorov O. P. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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