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Fiber type and size as the key factor of improving the disperse reinforced concrete composite performance








Steel fiber reinforced concrete composites confidently occupy their niche in the construction market of Russia, no longer being regarded as somewhat exotic and experimental. Yet many clients and contractors still fail to comprehend how exactly and by what means the addition of fibers into mix will improve the concrete structure performance. Although laboratory tests show that geometry, dimensions, shape and material of which the fiber is made significantly affect its properties, the lack of a unified regulatory framework leaves a large field for the supply of products that do not meet the requirement of ensuring the reliability of building elements. Using the experience of other countries that have already passed this way, the level of the Russian domestic market could be significantly upgraded, which would allow domestic manufacturers to gain foreign markets as well.


Voilokov I. A. "B. Rite" LLC

Lushankin P. V. "B. Rite" LLC

Vasilyev G. P. "BRC" LLC

Dorofeev K. A. "Bekaert Wyer" LLC

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