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Graphic-analytical research of quantomobile power balance in the tangage plane








On the basis of the author's generalized equation of quantomobile power balance, a technique of graphic-analytical research of quantomobile power balance in the tangage plane is constructed. The calculations, analysis and visualization are based on using the program realization of the equation named above in the Maple environment. In a middle part of the full range of possible angles of inclination of the traction vector, there were revealed zones of the most beneficial use of the thrust with partial vehicle suspension. Three-dimensional graphic images of realization of thrust in space (speed of vehicle - horizontal - vertical thrust components, together with restriction in the form of a cylindrical surface of the maximum quantum engine thrust) allow visualizing areas of available resources of thrust for maintenance of the quantomobile movement dynamics. The surface of the quantomobile power balance has ruled character.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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