Review article

Methodology for measuring and evaluating the performance efficiency of a construction organization








The article gives a comparative analytical description of the concepts of economic efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of economic processes and phenomena in the activities of economic entities. A systematization of the types of efficiency of economic systems and methods for measuring their effectiveness is proposed. The authors have specified the methodological aspect of measuring the efficiency of the construction organization economic activity based on the concept of the resource approach and the principle of co-measuring the economic effect value (in natural or cost measurement) in relation to the total market value of the applied resources (labor, material, technical, financial resources), which have brought about this effect. A method for measuring the potential efficiency of the process of production and sale of construction products (works, services) is proposed. There have been developed deterministic economic models.


Chepachenko N. V. Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University

Scherbina G. F. JSC SSMO «LenSpecSMU»

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