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The "Moscow" cinema theatre building designed by L. M. Khidekel. The destiny of the idea








The article presents an analysis of design principles used in construction of cinema theatre buildings. Features of objects of this kind are shown on the example of the design history and construction of the "Moscow" cinema theatre building in Leningrad (created by the architect L. M. Khidekel). Features of film production of the 1930-s became the factor which determined the norms of design and architectural concepts of that period. The situation which followed was quite different, and, subsequently, L. M. Khidekel`s design principles were no more applicable. Thus, the cinema theatre building, which had been envisaged as a standard project one, became a unique building. Besides, the authors emphasize the close relationship between the art concept of L. M. Khidekel and the Suprematism Movement.


Dayanov R. M. Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. E. Repin

Zalmanzon A. M. LLC "Baltic Restoration Board

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