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Aspects of modeling the multiport multimodal network of Leningrad region






Thanks to the unique location of Leningrad region at the large gulf coast with several seaports and at the crossroads of international transport corridors, this world transport hub possesses a great value. Taking into consideration the world experience of organizing and functioning of such agglomerations, the authors make a conclusion that there should be formed a multiport multimodal transport-logistical network (MMTLN) in Leningrad region. Attraction of the using of powerful toolkit ArcGIS for modeling the MMTLN and the subsequent solving of perspective transport problems of region is substantiated. The construction of geo-data base is discussed. In the environment of ArcGIS Network Analyst, modal transport basic networks (modal cargo skeletons) are formed. Examples of cartographical constructions and calculations with reference to the Ust-Luga seaport are described.


Kotikov Yu. G. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Oleshchenko E. M. Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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