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Integration of small wind power plants into the architectural form of low-rise residential buildings








The article considers some options of integration of small wind power plants (hereinafter SWPP) into the architectural design of low-rise residential buildings using the effect of strengthening wind flows («draught»). The influence of the architectural form on the creation of this effect emerging near the SWPP location is investigated, the SWPP being regarded as an architectural element of the building. The classification of SWPPs is presented applying the principles of allocation and operation in the most suitable places in the structure of low-rise residential buildings. The «draught» effect emerging in various forms of low-rise buildings is analyzed graphically and on the basis of a software research method envisaging a testing in the form of experimental design. As a hypothesis and goal setting, the authors propose a new architectural morphogenesis of low-rise residential buildings using small wind power plants.


Grunichev I. A. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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