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About refinement of the seismic-force-reduction factor (K1) and its coherence with the concept of seismic response modification in formulation of the spectrum method (in order of discussion)






A relationship between R-factor used in the world design earthquake engineering practice and seismic-force-reduction factor K 1 which is used in Response Spectrum Technique of updated editions of the Seismic Building Design Code II-7-81 was analyzed by the author. It is noted that the table no.4 and equation (1) of the Seismic Building Design Code SP 14.13330.2014 give for K 1 two-valued semantic character which can be understood by engineers on two ways. An approach for K 1-factor refinement (in SP 14.13330 formulation) of large-scale construction (LSC) using Pushover curve is suggested. Importance of K 1 choosing with into account of RC shear walls capability to dissipate of earthquake energy is pointed out by the author.


Sosnin A. V. Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Smolensk Branch

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