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Analysis and evaluation of economic efficiency dynamics of construction activities








The article presents the results of economic analysis of the factors affecting the producer price index in construction (construction and installation work), the average annual number of people employed in construction and their labor productivity. There has been revealed a negative dynamics of growth in the volume of work performed by the «Construction» type of activities due to the rising prices for construction and installation work for the period analyzed (2005-2015), which indicates a low level of price competition in the construction market. As a result of the economic analysis of dynamics in labor productivity of workers employed in construction, due to the impact of factors of capital productivity and the capital-labor ratio of workers in 2010-2017, there has been revealed a negative trend of the process of degradation of the material and technical base of organizations in the “Construction” type of economic activities. This trend was confirmed by the results of the performed correlation and regression analysis for 2005-2017. A very weak statistical connection of the influence of the depreciation factors of the fixed assets of construction organizations on the growth of their capital productivity indicates the need to take radical measures to re-animate the potential of their material and technical base.


Chepachenko N. V. Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University

Yudenko M. N. St. Petersburg State University of Economics

Scherbina G. F. JSC SSMO «LenSpetsSMU»

Demin A. M. Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University

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