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Application of the Volergy entity (Bartini`s Table L8T-4) for energy efficiency assessment of warehouse service of 3D spatial objects


620.9(075.8): 656.13.07






The article deals with a function series for estimates of transportation energy efficiency formulated by the author on the basis of Bartini's L m T -4 table entities. The Bartini's LT-table, supplemented by A. G. Aleinikov, is adjusted by the author using the system representation of the energy series of entities: Energy-Linergy-Arergy-Volergy . Methodical features of assessing the energy efficiency of transportation service of 3D spatial objects are considered. Numerical analysis of transport and warehouse services in 3D volume with the involvement of the L 8 T -4 (Volergy) entity is carried out on a conventional example of loading the ocean-going container ship by means of several berthing cranes.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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