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To the calculation of glued beams with conditionally rigid supports


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Single-span wooden glued beams with hinged supports are about 1.5-2 times less economical than beams with rigid supports. Nevertheless, the lack of simple and reliable engineering calculation of rigid supports prevents a widespread use of rigid support beams. Such supports are conditionally rigid, since due to the anisotropic properties of wood, all compounds except the glued ones are flexible. The article considers an engineering method for calculating rigid support beams, taking into account the flexibility of the conditionally rigid support and the bending stiffness of the beam itself. An algorithm for calculating glued beams is proposed, taking into account the flexibility of the supporting dowel joint according to SP 64.13330.2017. The correctness of the technique was compared by numerical experiments carried out in the ANSYS complex.


Shmidt A. B. St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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