Review article

Comparing the results of numerical modeling of slope stability in the Plaxis program with analytical calculations using the simplified method








The article purposes some ways of simplifying the analytical method for calculating slope stability. The simplified method is based on the well-known classical solution for calculating the stability of slopes with a round-cylindrical slickensided surface. The proposed method does not require significant labor costs in time and allows taking into account various external loads and their combinations on the slope. There have been performed multivariate comparative calculations of slope stability in the Plaxis program and using a simplified analytical method. In the design schemes, there were considered dispersed soils such as sands, sandy loams, loams and clays with different properties and the most common slope angles used in construction practice. The performed analysis of calculations has shown a good convergence of the numerical modeling results with the results of analytical calculations. This method is recommended for preliminary express calculations or for additional alternative verification of slope stability.


Konyushkov V. V. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering St. Petersburg, Russia

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