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Economy of electric power industry development on renewable energy sources in Russia taking into account the world tendencies


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The article considers the problem of electric power industry development on renewable energy sources. It is noted that in Russia, the share of power plants working on renewable energy sources (RES) remains insignificant, it is about 0,1 % of the total installed power capacity of the country. The development of this promising direction occurs mainly in those Russian regions where diesel fuel is used at very high potential of solar and wind energy. Projects for the development of renewable energy in Russia are economically justified for isolated power systems and allow reducing the consumption of expensive, low-energy diesel fuel. These calculations confirm the need to replace a part of the electric generating equipment of diesel stations with solar power plants. The development of renewable energy in the country should be promoted, rapidly introducing this resource in the areas of autonomous energy supply, where the use of RES gives a good economic effect.


Shilkina S. V. Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University)

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