Review article

Effect of high temperatures on changes in density, mass and linear dimensions of steel fiber reinforced concrete








The article discusses the results of experimental studies on the effect of high temperature in case of fire on the change of density, mass, and linear dimensions of steel fiber reinforced concrete with different contents of fibers of varying strength, type and diameter. It is shown that in the range from 20 °C to 1100 °C, density and mass are linearly reduced, and this change is almost independent of the presence of fibers and appearance. The change of linear dimensions is insignificant. The obtained results allow performing an express assessment of the damage degree to steel fiber reinforced concrete in case of fire, as well as determining the maximum temperature in this point of the construction.


Krasnovskij R. O. JSC «Institute «Orgenergostroy»

Kapustin D. E. Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University)

Sultygova P. S. Ingush State University

Travkin P. V. JSC «Institute «Orgenergostroy»

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