Review article

Estimation of possibility of using quantum engine vehicles in the working process of the port


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The possibility of receiving energy from the physical vacuum, which becomes evident with the prospect of technical development of this field environment, is going to change the mechanics of movement and the nature of using vehicles if they are equipped with quantum engines (QE). The purpose of the study was formation of concept and working hypothesis for the use of vehicles with quantum thrust in the working process of the port. The following methods were used: decomposition of the thrust vector (thrust) of the QE into orthonormal components; using of the generalized equation of the force balance of the vehicle equipped with the QE; determination of the characteristic modes of the vehicle equipped with the QE. The author presents some design and graph-analytic study results, such as computation of the process of transporting a container from a container ship to the terminal storage area of the by means of a vehicle equipped with the QE. Currently used vehicles (cars and hoisting machines) can be replaced with vehicles equipped with the QE, which will allow unleashing the operational zones of traditional vehicles and hoisting machines (HM). Moreover, several types of vehicles and HM used at terminals and warehouses in the sequence of technological operations for processing a specific cargo can be replaced with a single universal vehicle equipped with the QE that performs continuous transporting of the cargo, without reloading the cargo from one type of vehicle to another.


Kotikov Ju. G. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering