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Fundamentals of methodology of creatingthe risk-focused monitoring models








The article presents the methodology of assessing the reliability of structural elements in construction. The purpose of the study is to prove the necessity of carrying out monitoring over the influence parameters and the resistance to the influence parameters including not only their average values but also the dispersion. It is shown that the increase of the variation coefficient of the resistance to the influence parameter up to the value of 0.3 with other parameters being unchanged causes a non-admissible reduction of the reliability value to 0.95. The means of monitoring over the structure deformations are considered. The criteria for choosing the places for installation of strain gauges and the gauges` bases are presented. The ambiguity of deformation interpretation in mechanical stresses in structural elements is shown. The suggested theoretical substantiation will allow developing the monitoring systems for observance over the construction projects or their structural elements considering the change in statistical characteristics of the measured parameters. The use of such monitoring systems will improve the accuracy of forecasting the development of negative processes that are able to cause emergency situations resulting in the failure of the structures concerned.


Rubtsov I. V. National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

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