Review article

Impact of route vehicles` lane parameters on the delay time of individual and public transport








The article deals with the influence of the public transport infrastructure during the delay periods of private and public transport in the city conditions. The following methods were used in the study: simulation, mathematical modeling, on-site research. As a result of imitation microscopic modeling, there have been determined the parameters of mathematical models of the delay time of private and public transport for various parameters of the route vehicles` lane. Calculations determined the total delay time, taking into account the number of passengers in public and private transport on the section of the main street with regulated traffic. In determining the optimum parameters of the public transport infrastructure, it is necessary to take into account not only public transport passengers, but also drivers and passengers of private vehicles.


Fadyushin A. A. Tyumen Industrial University Tyumen, Russia

Zakharov D. A. Tyumen Industrial University Tyumen, Russia

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