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Incorporated theory of nonlinear creep and long-term durability of stable brittle materials (I)








The theory presented in the article regards creep and damage processes as essentially and evidently interconnected. Concrete and materials which are similar in rheological properties are considered. The important property of these materials is the presence of a noticeable linear creep component. Besides concrete, materials that are characterized with this property are soils and polymers. The aim of the study is to construct the defining equations describing the relationship of nonlinear creep and long-term strength with stresses at any form and level of intense condition. The author has been engaged in working out of this problem since 1980. The article provides a generalization of the theme and specifies the results received earlier. In particular, stress and strain intensity formulas are used without linearization and an original method for solving specific nonlinear problems is proposed.


Kharlab V. D. Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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